Baptism Singing Time

I was having to think really hard about what to do for next week’s singing time.  I need to review some of our Presentation songs, but I wanted them to tie in somehow with our Sharing Time.  We did a maze today, so I thought a puzzle may work well for next week.

You can choose what songs you would like to sing.  I have allowed for 4 of them on the back of the puzzle pieces (in a 15-20 min singing time, I think I can fit 4 songs in with this activity).  We will sing:-

– When I am Baptised (CS 103)

– The Fourth Article of Faith (CS 124)

– Search, Ponder and Pray (CS 109)

– Baptism (CS 100)

I love this picture.  It is from this site: and the puzzle template is from here:  I have put them together in Publisher, so you should simply be able to print, paste the pages together, cut and laminate if you wish.  Hide the puzzle pieces under the children’s chair, have them in a jumble blue tac’d to the board/wall up the front or scatter them around the walls of the room and have the children ‘look’ for the pieces quietly with their eyes.  The most reverent child can go and get the puzzle piece.

For a copy of the Baptism Puzzle, click here: Baptism Puzzle