Giant remote control – Singing Time

Just for something different, I quickly did up a giant remote control (a cardboard box, covered with brown paper and this Singing Time Remote Control stuck on it) to resemble a giant remote control. 

I exaggerated my movements in our Primary’s Singing Time by pressing a button and calling it out.  Really overdo this – they love it.  Calling it out also helps your pianist know what you’ve just ‘pressed’.

  • Stop – stop singing
  • Start – start singing
  • Swap places – teachers, leaders and children need to swap places with someone sitting very near to them.  I am also going to swap with my pianist – poor guy ;D
  • Swap back – the chance for my pianist to get his seat back, and for all teachers, leaders and children to return to their original seats.
  • Fast – sing at a faster speed
  • Slow – sing at a slower speed

The kids loved it when I swapped with out pianist.  I play the piano as well, so he decided to be cheeky and keep pressing ‘fast’, then he made up ‘faster’.  LOL !