A Simple Mother’s Day Song: “Dearest Mother, I Love You” for violin, piano and child’s voice

I volunteered my little family to do an item for Mother’s Day this coming Sunday.  (What was I thinking?)  I whipped up a simple arrangement of ‘Dearest Mother, I Love You’ found in the Children’s Songbook.  It’s simple, but you don’t want a complicated accompaniment or descant or you’ll have a very confused child singing.

Here’s my arrangement: Dearest Mother I Love You

The violin part is also suitable for a flute.


  • I’m writing to you from Las Vegas, Nevada:

    Thank you for all the great ideas! It’s nice to connect with you, all the way across the globe.

  • Do you by chance want to write a simple violin arrangement for “Baptism,” on page 100 of The Children’s Hymn Book?

    My 13 yr old plays violin, between 1-2 yrs now, but we have a baptism in about 5 weeks (his brother’s), and we’d like to have him play the violin along with some singing.

    (The baptism is Oct. 13th, so I would need to know quickly if you are ready to jump in and write music for a complete stranger!) ; )