Happy New Year with a Truth or Consequences Game

I spent about 10 mins teaching the Primary children our 2012 song.  I had them learn the chorus.  Then I sang the verses, and they joined in each Chorus.  The children didn’t find it an overly exciting song, but I’m sure it will grow on them.

Our poor Primary children are coming off their sugar high from Christmas, so I gathered they were going to be a somewhat rowdy bunch today.  Yup, I was right.  Good thing I had organised to do a Truth or Consequences game that I found here: http://basicprimarymusic.blogspot.com/2010/10/truth-or-consequences.html

I adapted the game a little in this way:-

You need:-

  • Truth or Consequences action cards
  • Printout of questions to ask with songs (don’t forget to give a copy to your Pianist so they can find the songs easily)
  • Whiteboard Marker or chalk if you have a chalkboard
  • Co-operative and enthusiastic teachers/Primary presidency

How to play:-

  • Ask a child to come up the front to play.  Ask them a really easy question.
  • If the child gets the question correct, draw a smiley face up on the whiteboard.
  • If the child answers the question incorrectly, they have to choose a consequence card.
  • Sing the song (with the consequence action depending on the outcome).
  • Ask a teacher to come up the front.  Ask them a really hard question.
  • If the teacher gets the question correct, draw a smiley face up on the whiteboard (no teams – it’s just fun to collect smiley faces).
  • Usually the teacher will need to choose a consequence card, or they can have on of their class students choose one for them.
  • Do the song with the consequence action.

We had an absolute blast playing this game.

It is a game that could be played any week this month as it goes fairly well with the theme.


  • Where can I find the actions for all the action songs?

  • Thanks for sharring this…I was looking for a fun game to keep the new Sunbeams engaged for the next couple of weeks while we get them familiar with Primary. I adapted the consequences to be a bit less active.
    For instance Bat your eyelashes while you sing, sing the song without moving your lips, pronounce all the the “s” sounds lke “th” and sing this song louder than the piano etc. Thanks again!

  • Hi Jen :D

    The action/consequences cards are found on the Basic Primary Music Blog. The link is in red on my post. Hope that helps :D

    Wow, sounds like your Sunbeams had lots of fun!