2012 Sharing Time Outline

Curiosity got the better of me today and I did a search to see if our General Primary Presidency had sent out the 2012 Sharing Time Outline yet.  Turns out they are only sending out three copies per ward (uh thanks – I actually use mine every week to make sure the songs correlate with Opening Exercises…I treasure it…anyhoo…).

You can print out your own copy here:-


*mutters “but it’s not the same as having a lovely coloured booklet in your hand”*

I had a play through the song we have been ‘allocated’ for next year: ‘As a Child of God’ by Janice Kapp Perry.  It wasn’t doing any special tingly things down my spine, so I think I have to warm to it. I did get some ideas flowing around my head though , so with the Outline already in my hot little hands, I will be able to sit down during the December/January school holidays and work some magic.

I’m excited about next year.  I know we haven’t even finished this year yet, but look how fast it is flying by!

I am heading off on holidays for two weeks, then we have one more presentation practice when I come back, then we’re on.

Can’t wait for Christmas songs!!!

*Edited to add: That I was even more curious, so I checked out the online store at lds.org and discovered I can order my own coloured booklet of the 2012 Presentation.  You don’t even know how excited that makes me!  I am SO old fashioned!! (tee hee).  I promise you, mine will be used weekly, highlighted, read from cover to cover etc. *insert HUGE happy grin here*


  • You can order as many 2012 sharing time outlines as you like from lds.org and they will ship them to you for free:)

  • I, too, have been looking at the new song for 2012. I made a slideshow to the words and music on Youtube wanted to let you know about it. It always helpful to be able to hear an unfamiliar song a couple of times and I hope that this will be useful to you. The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5ljESdgPgA&feature=youtu.be
    If you think it would be helpful to others you are welcome to post it on your site. Thanks for all your great ideas.

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  • Oh, I too was totally annoyed about not having my own booklet!! We don’t need 12 like we usually get, but 5 would’ve been nice! I know I can order one, but that’s not the point. HAHA

    I also wasn’t all warm and fuzzy over the song, not like 2011’s song. So, we shall see. We give CD’s of next year’s music and I’m totally annoyed this song is not available!!

    • Amen! I’m so frustrated I don’t see why they can’t post the songs on the website in the order that they will be taught OR just send ONE disk to each ward to make copies. I’m not that cd friendly when it comes to making!

  • I love this year’s song, “As a Child of God!”

  • :D I love it now. I should have seen the warning signs coming that I was going to be released…when I lose my excitement over things and don’t understand why.

    All part of Heavenly Father’s plan for me ;D

    So now my husband can do whatever he wants to do with that song without feeling internal pressure to do it the way I would have. All is good!

    Good luck everyone with your gorgeous Primary children this year :D