I Love to See the Temple – Violin Descant

I must have written this part out a few years ago, but didn’t put it up on a website.  I was just thinking about what I should do with this song for the Primary Presentation when I realised I had this descant in my head, and I had already written it.

A search on the computer found a version that hadn’t been updated into my new version of Sibelius, so a quick conversion, a resize, and here it is!

The accompaniment is the same as what is in the Children’s Song Book.  This is just a violin part that has the melody first, then plays the descant for the second verse.  It does go into third position.

I Love To See The Temple violin solo

One comment

  • hi, i really appreciate and like very much the arrangements for piano and violin you did fo most of the songs we use in the church. I like your arrangements for primary choirs and with the score. It is really very timely because i am looking for arrangements to be used for our upcoming stake conf this september.. it is really helpful and beneficial.

    its me,
    your new fan