I Can Prepare Now to Serve A Mission – September Week 3

I found a fantastic looking Maze in the May Friend Magazine here: http://lds.org/friend/2011/05/missionary-maze?lang=eng&query=Missionary and as my Primary loved the last Maze I did with them, I decided to do another one.  The instructions are “Help the missionaries find their way to their appointment. Remember to follow the one-way streets!”  It doesn’t tie in exactly with the topic of the week, but it’s close enough!

Mazes confuse me, so I marked in eight ‘song’ spots along the way, so that you can sing your Presentation Songs as you go.  I think it will help my Sunbeams know which direction to go as well.

Because there are only eight ‘turns’, you could have the names of your primary children in a container, and you pull the names out, or ask teachers to choose reverent children.  I like the container idea, because it’s fair.  Keep that container for these sorts of games, and divide it into two parts.  One side for those who have had a turn, and one side for those who haven’t.  Simply move the names over when the children have had turns.

If you have a large Primary, you could have a class choose the next ‘direction.

Back to the maze…I printed mine out in Poster form, so it came out nice and large.  The children won’t be able to see it the size it is at the moment.  Here’s the maze (in A4 size): Missionary Maze

My husband very kindly meddled around and got the missionaries separated on their bikes so we can move them around the maze.  They are here, but don’t blow them up to poster format,  they’re fine just as they are: Missionary Maze Missionaries on Bikes