Captain Moroni Comes to Visit

Yup, you read correctly.  Captain Moroni did indeed come to visit our Primary yesterday.

Captain Moroni was pondering whether to ask for the heating/air conditioning to be turned off.  Despite it being Winter, that room was unusually warm yesterday!

This is our Ward’s Seminary Teacher.  He had presented a lesson to his Seminary Students as Captain Moroni a few weeks prior, and when I heard that he had this amazing costume and was about to return it, I pleaded with him to dress up as a Scripture Hero for Primary.  He did so gladly.

I wish I could show you the looks on the children’s faces but due to privacy reasons, I can’t. Needless to say those precious faces were awestruck, amazed and absolutely delighted!

He asked the children to guess who he was.  “Nephi”? ” “Daddy?” “Leonitis?” (WHO??) – Our Pianist was trying to confuse the kids ;D  “Helium” (“No, I am not floating away”) “Captain Moroni” (“Yes! I am a captain, and my name is Moroni.  That boy should get a prize, if there is a prize to be had”)

Captain Moroni shared a few passages of scripture with us outlining his character – Alma 48: 11-13,17.

He talked about putting on the whole Armour of God.

We sang Scripture Power for him at the end and I don’t think I’ve heard the kids sing it quite as enthusiastically as they did.

The question remains…how am I going to top this Scripture Hero??

Some of our Primary boys visiting with Captain Moroni


  • We are doing a Primary Party this Sunday, and my husband is supposed to be Captain Moroni and talk to the kids, but I’m having a little trouble with his costume. If you know, would you mind telling me what his helmet, shield, and accesories are made out of? Thanks so much!!

  • Hi Katie!

    Would you believe it, his shield, breastplate, wrist guards and leg guards are all made of thick cardboard and spray painted gold (possibly some paper mache as well). The shield was black plastic at the back, and I’m not sure if it was purchased or made and if they spray painted it gold as well to match everything else – but I am told it was heavy. The sword was real, in its original sheath – he showed us and warned the kids not to touch it.
    It did take our Captain Moroni half an hour to get dressed! I have total respect for those who spend time putting costumes together! Good luck with yours!! :D

    PS – I think it is similar to a ‘gladiator’ costume, so if you (carefully) google that, you might get some help. There are two children’s ones three-quarters of the way down on this site that might give you some ideas too: