Praise to the Man actions and signs for Primary

Next Sunday I’m going to have the Primary children listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing this gorgeous hymn whilst we sing along, do some actions and hold up signs.  Sounds confusing, doesn’t it.

The Mormon Tabernacle sings Praise to the Man on their CD aptly named ‘Praise To The Man’.  The same song can be found here:

We are going to sing the first verse together.

The men in the MTChoir sing the second verse but as Primary don’t need to learn that just yet (helpful if they could though as it will be a congregational hymn), I am going to have them conduct it along with me.

Then we’re all singing the chorus, the third verse and the following chorus.

Then the fun begins.  We get to tap our (with both hands flat on our laps – me sitting down of course) the fantastic drum part for verse Four and the following chorus.

This version has a coda at the end where the choir sings Verse 4 again, so we’re going to conduct as well.

Clear as mud?  Simpler instructions are found here, as well as signs I’m going to ask children to hold up when they hear certain words.  You can choose how many copies of the words/signs you wish to print up.  Perhaps two or three copies so all the children get to hold up something each: Praise to the Man actions and signs

I am also going to go through the meanings of the tricky words we’re singing.  If you want a copy of that, click here: Praise to the Man definitions  I have written the ‘official’ definition of ‘dispensation’ in small writing, but it isn’t really necessary for the younger children.  We’re going to play match up really quickly.