Singing Time 5th Sunday in July

Our Primary President was released on Sunday as she is moving out of the Ward Boundaries.  We were very sad to see her go, but excited to meet the new President as well.

Our new Presidency has been working hard at working on the Children’s Sacrament Presentation, and emailed me a copy last night.  Now I just have to make sure the songs are up to where they need to be for our ‘performance’.

Because this Sunday will be the fifth Sunday of the month and I don’t have to stick with a topic, I am going to introduce my ‘Singing Stars’.

I found this Singing Stars/Celestial Singing chart on the 2006 Singing Fun CD.  I have typed the words of the songs we are singing on the stars.  The children are going to pick stars out of a bag, we will sing it and I will put the star where it needs to go.  We can use this chart over and over until all the stars are up at the top.

I have one of the Sunbeams asking for the Scarecrows or rather, the crows each week, so I think they will have to make a few more appearances this year too.  They were rather cute!

I can’t put the Celestial Singing chart up because it was purchased, but I can put the stars I used on this site.  You can find them here: Singing Stars with 2011 songs