Monthly Scripture Heroes

I’m going to put this under ‘Sunday Funnies’ although it isn’t really that funny, so to speak.  Well, it is kind of funny seeing who we get to dress up ;D

Each month I have been asking someone to dress up as a ‘scripture hero’ and tell us a little about their favourite person in the scriptures.  We are trying to “liken all scripture unto us” and I think it ties in really well with our theme for the year.  So far we have had members of our Primary Presidency, our Pianist, me (yay!) and members of our Bishopric.

I purchased some cool looking swords, made some CTR shields, and my mother-in-law made some fantastic cloaks.  Of course ALL the kids want to dress up too, so I made some mini cloaks, and I choose a couple of children each time we do this to dress up.  Then we HAVE to sing Scripture Power!  I have each child’s name in a container that has a divider in the middle.  I have every one’s name in there, and once they have had a turn of dressing up, I move their name across into the ‘done’ side, so that everyone will get a chance to dress up.  I tend to have them dress up on all the Sundays we sing ‘Scripture Power’ instead of just the Sundays I invite someone in to talk to us, otherwise we’ll never get through everyone.

We keep a limit of 2 mins for our Scripture hero to talk.   The best ones are where they give the children clues, and they have to guess who it is. 

We had our Second Counsellor on Sunday, and he was SO EXCITED.  It’s not often you get a chance to dress up like a hero on Sunday.  Here’s a glimpse:-

He spoke about Nephi (the first), but tried to trick the children a little by having lots of similarities to Joseph Smith (ie he was tall for his age, we first hear about him when he was about 14, he was very strong, he did whatever the Lord commanded him to do, his brothers picked on him a lot). 

I hope we’re inspiring these children to learn about our ‘heroes’ in the scriptures and to develop that spark of interest that is so important.