‘The Pioneers worked hard and sacrified to build Temples’ – Singing Time

Here’s what I’m hoping to do this Sunday during Singing Time (fingers crossed I don’t get sick!).  I decided to put some pioneer songs in a game and leave the ‘theme’ of the week to the Primary Presidency for Sharing Time.

I’m going to use one die and one marker and not split up into groups – it would take too long that way.  They are going to all share one marker and take turns rolling the die, and I will move their counter.  I think this game will be good for both Junior and Senior Primary.  We don’t sing Pioneer songs often, so it will be good for the children.  We may not sing all the verses of all those songs for Jnr Primary.

I’m going to print mine out as a poster so it will be bigger, and laminate it (I laminate everything!!).  Just use a simple circle as the marker.  I have a big die that is easy to roll that I’ll use for this game.

The songs are:

  1. To be a pioneer (CS 218)
  2. Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked (CS214)
  3. The Handcart Song (CS 220)
  4. Whenever I Think About Pioneers (CS 222)
  5. I Love To See The Temple (CS 95) – have to get that one in there! ;D

Here’s where you can find the game: Pioneer Music Trek Game

I used an image I found on Sugardoodle that had some pioneers with Handcards just in case you wanted to use them as markers.  You can find them here: Pioneer Music Trek Game Handcarts.  I hope they’re small enough!  I have outlined them in four different colours in case anyone wanted to use them for Family Home Evening.