In Fasting We Approach Thee Here #139 Duet arrangement

My family was asked recently to do this hymn on Fast Sunday as a musical item.


Actually, my entire family was asked to sing it but I have a teenage son who ‘doesn’t sing’ (he’d rather feign sickness than sing a musical item and I prefer he came to church with us), I have a toddler who will sing at the top of her lungs if she’s supposed to be quiet, but she would scream through something like this.  And a husband and teenage daughter who adore singing.


I can sing, but who would practice the accompaniment with us at 11pm when my husband is available?  So my husband and daughter were volunteered as tribute, and I spent three weeks trying to get this arrangement together, which is quite a long time for me because…toddler!


It’s for Alto (my daughter is a Soprano, but managed this just fine first thing Sunday morning), and Tenor.

Here’s the pdf: In Fasting We Approach Thee