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I Can Prepare Now to Serve A Mission – September Week 3

I found a fantastic looking Maze in the May Friend Magazine here: and as my Primary loved the last Maze I did with them, I decided to do another one.  The instructions are “Help the missionaries find their way to their appointment. Remember to follow the one-way streets!”  It doesn’t tie in exactly with the topic of the week, but it’s close enough!

Mazes confuse me, so I marked in eight ‘song’ spots along the way, so that you can sing your Presentation Songs as you go.  I think it will help my Sunbeams know which direction to go as well.

Because there are only eight ‘turns’, you could have the names of your primary children in a container, and you pull the names out, or ask teachers to choose reverent children.  I like the container idea, because it’s fair.  Keep that container for these sorts of games, and divide it into two parts.  One side for those who have had a turn, and one side for those who haven’t.  Simply move the names over when the children have had turns.

If you have a large Primary, you could have a class choose the next ‘direction.

Back to the maze…I printed mine out in Poster form, so it came out nice and large.  The children won’t be able to see it the size it is at the moment.  Here’s the maze (in A4 size): Missionary Maze

My husband very kindly meddled around and got the missionaries separated on their bikes so we can move them around the maze.  They are here, but don’t blow them up to poster format,  they’re fine just as they are: Missionary Maze Missionaries on Bikes

The Gospel Will Be Preached in All the World – September Week 2

In keeping with the Missionary Theme for this month, I flipped through the September Friend Magazine on Sunday and found this:-

…which has some cards you can cut out to play Memory/Concentration with.  I thought they would be awesome to use for Singing Time, so I enlarged them a little and added backs (because my kids like to cheat!).

I am going to give my Pianist a list of the Presentation songs we need to run through and with each match, we will just do the next one on the list.  If you wanted to use ‘Missionary’ themed songs (if your presentation is over..lucky you!), you can just write the songs you want to sing on the cards with ‘writing’, rather than the picture cards.  Does that make sense?

You could also have the children make their own set of cards to use for Sharing Time – just do a copy/printout of what is in the Friend Magazine link for each child.

Here is the link to the enlarged cards and backs: The Gospel Will Be Preached in All The World Memory Game

Father’s Day Singing Time

I have recently been taking happy snaps of some menfolk in our Ward, namely our male Primary Teachers and members of our Bishopric.

I kindly asked them (in an official sounding voice) to “Please turn around Sir, and put your hands on the wall”.  Then after their amused but bewildered looks, explained that I needed their hands for Primary.  Photos of their hands.  And I needed to know their favourite Primary song.

So here’s what I got:-


Six of them in total.  Here’s how you play:-

  • I cut these pages in half and because I am laminator crazed, I will laminate then; the picture as the front and the song information as the back.
  • Tac the pictures to the wall/board/wherever you like.
  • The children have to guess whose hands are in the picture.  Give them clues if you want to.  Invite the teachers to guess as well.  The more the merrier!
  • Sneak a peak under the picture to check if they have the correct person and to stir the kids up a little.  When they get it right, turn it over to reveal the song.
  • Sing away!

‘The Scriptures Teach that the Gospel will be Preached in all the World’ – First Sunday in September

Okay, so this will be Father’s Day for us Down Under.  I have something else I’m planning on doing with my Primary.

I did think of two ideas for you, if you aren’t already sitting down each Sunday ploughing through your Presentations:-

1. Get some pictures of scriptures and hide them around the room.  Ask reverent children to guide you with their eyes to wherever in the room the scriptures are.  Have songs you want to review written on the back.

Simple, I know.  But they always love this one.

2. Write up the songs you want to review on one side of the board, and write up the key parts of the scriptures that matches the song on the other side.  See if the children can match the songs.  Once one is matched, sing it.  You could use some pictures for Jnr Primary as well, given that the Sunbeams generally like to have pictures to occupy their minds :D  Visuals are an added bonus for them!

Hum Your Favorite / Favourite Hymn Flip Chart

I want to use this song  in Opening Exercises on the last Sunday in August, but I really needed a flip chart.  Couldn’t find one no matter hard I looked, so I resolved myself to the fact that I was just going to have to figure out how to create one all on my own.  So I did!  It’s not brilliant, but it will do the job.

So until someone does a better one ;D here’s the Australian version: Hum Your Favourite Hymn Flip Chart Aussie Spelling

…and just because I could, I did one with American spelling as well: Hum Your Favourite Hymn Flip Chart US Spelling

Happy singing!

Captain Moroni Comes to Visit

Yup, you read correctly.  Captain Moroni did indeed come to visit our Primary yesterday.

Captain Moroni was pondering whether to ask for the heating/air conditioning to be turned off.  Despite it being Winter, that room was unusually warm yesterday!

This is our Ward’s Seminary Teacher.  He had presented a lesson to his Seminary Students as Captain Moroni a few weeks prior, and when I heard that he had this amazing costume and was about to return it, I pleaded with him to dress up as a Scripture Hero for Primary.  He did so gladly.

I wish I could show you the looks on the children’s faces but due to privacy reasons, I can’t. Needless to say those precious faces were awestruck, amazed and absolutely delighted!

He asked the children to guess who he was.  “Nephi”? ” “Daddy?” “Leonitis?” (WHO??) – Our Pianist was trying to confuse the kids ;D  “Helium” (“No, I am not floating away”) “Captain Moroni” (“Yes! I am a captain, and my name is Moroni.  That boy should get a prize, if there is a prize to be had”)

Captain Moroni shared a few passages of scripture with us outlining his character – Alma 48: 11-13,17.

He talked about putting on the whole Armour of God.

We sang Scripture Power for him at the end and I don’t think I’ve heard the kids sing it quite as enthusiastically as they did.

The question remains…how am I going to top this Scripture Hero??

Some of our Primary boys visiting with Captain Moroni

2011 Presentation Song Revision UNO Style

I have been reading a few other Primary Music Leader blogs (this one and this one) and they mention using the Uno game to revise tricky verses to songs.  It seems that it justs keeps getting added to and I loved the concept so much, so here is my addition:-


Here’s how it works:-

  •  You choose one verse of a song that you need to revise.  Divide that verse up into four sections, and print each of those sections out on 4 different colours of paper (or use the coloured paper as a background).  You’ll have one part of the verse red, one part yellow, one part blue and one part blue.  Stick those up on the wall.
  • Divide your Primary up into teams (either rows or classes).  Give each team 7 cards each (rig them if you must, so each team gets a couple of action cards as well).
  • Now here’s where it differs a little from the normal game of Uno: the aim is not to match up the colours of the cards.  It doesn’t matter which card the children put down, so long as their team doesn’t put down two action cards in a row. 
  • There are ‘action’ Uno cards (that are fairly self explanatory – ‘Draw Two’, ‘Draw 4′, ‘Skip’, ‘Reverse’ and ‘Wild’).
  • Wild cards need a little explanation.  The children can choose to sing…standing on one leg, holding their nose, with their hands in the air, with their eyes closed etc.  You may have ones in your stash of Primary goodies that you can use in this instance (or there are some here: .
  • There are also plain coloured cards.  If a red card is put down, everyone has to sing the part of the verse on the red paper. If a yellow card is turned over, everyone has to sing the part of the verse on the yellow paper etc.
  • You can choose who gets to start, or do a ‘demonstration’ round by putting the first one down.

Note: I have included backs for the cards as well (the last page of the pdf).

August Week 3 ‘Living the Word of Wisdom shows respect for my body’

We have Stake Conference scheduled for the week 3 of August, so we are combining the topic with week 4’s.  Well, our Presidency is anyway.  I am allowed to go nuts learning the presentation songs with the children any way I like.  I would like to stick to the topic at least though :D

I have printed out in colour and laminated an entire veggie garden, complete with caterpillars.  They are the cutest little caterpillars I have ever seen (except for those very pretty, huge, mostly black with purply/orange/white dots that I have in my garden with the waggy tails – they’re the only caterpillers I like).  I printed the Veggie Family Singers from the ‘Singing Time Fun 2008′ CD. (And for some reason, it wanted to do a LOT of white background, and a small picture right in the middle of all that white, of course!)

The idea is that the children can come up and choose a veggie.  If they choose one with a worm behind it, that worm will tell them HOW they have to sing the song.  You just go through the songs that need revision for the presentation – have your list ready and just do the next one on it.  Easy!

If you need some fruit and veggie clip art in a hurry, and you have a colour printer ready and scissors, here’s “one I prepared earlier”: Fruit and Veggies clip art (but I got the pictures from all over the Net, so be sure not to re-post this anywhere else!)

Anyone else glad this was not on a Fast Sunday?

Primary Times

Oh deary me, I had a bit of a chuckle this morning.

I have been trying to co-ordinate my latest Scripture Hero event in Primary, and because we have a brand new Primary Presidency, there are a couple of teething troubles.  Minor ones.  No big deal really, except I am completely confused about our schedule now.

Just to be clear – I am totally finding the humour in this, it’s not like I’m complaining or anything, but can you just imagine the scenario?  There is an entire Presidency out there who has one view of what their schedule should be, and a Music Leader with a different view?  Imagine the mix ups LOL!  And the confused looks, and a baffled Scripture Hero who wouldn’t have had much time to change (I do NOT want a Captain Moroni coming out in his underwear!!) ;D

So I emailed our Presidency very nicely to check what their time schedule is, so I can plan accordingly.  And I am crossing my fingers that I didn’t just confuse them more ;D

I have to say that our last Primary Presidency worked together so very, very well.  Everything ran smoothly, there were no dramas, no troubles, always positive.  I am hoping things will stay that way.  I get nervous about change (don’t we all!).

So what is your Primary Schedule?  Do you begin with opening exercises?  Have Jnr Sharing time first?  I love being a sticky beak around the world *grins*.

Sunday Funnies

We did the ‘My Body is a Temple’ singing time yesterday and it went really well (you can find it here:

One of the pictures had someone in the bath with other cleaning items such as tissues, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, a hairbrush and comb, a hairdryer and what looked like a shaver/razor.  The child who had picked the picture asked what it was, so I explained that it was a razor and pointed out that our male teachers in Primary would use one of these, or something like it to shave the  hair off their face. “Oh okay”, that made sense.

Then a little voice from the second row pipes up “And sometimes Mummies use them to shave the hair off their legs”.

Amidst the giggles and stiffled laughter from the teachers I agreed whole heartedly with this young person that we Mummies do indeed do that “and now it’s time to move on”.