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I Love to See the Temple – Violin Descant

I must have written this part out a few years ago, but didn’t put it up on a website.  I was just thinking about what I should do with this song for the Primary Presentation when I realised I had this descant in my head, and I had already written it.

A search on the computer found a version that hadn’t been updated into my new version of Sibelius, so a quick conversion, a resize, and here it is!

The accompaniment is the same as what is in the Children’s Song Book.  This is just a violin part that has the melody first, then plays the descant for the second verse.  It does go into third position.

I Love To See The Temple violin solo

Praise to the Man A Major Violin, Organ and Children’s Primary Choir

Computer decided it likes me today.  Yay!

Here are the parts for one of this year’s Presentation Songs: Praise to the Man in A Major.

Violin part: Praise to the Man A Major Violin Part

Organ part: Praise to the Man A Major Organ Part

Score: Praise to the Man A Major Score

I transposed it because those top notes were getting a bit screechy in C Major.  G Major was nice and easy, but only just too low for my Primary children to sing.  A Flat major is only a semitone higher, but sounds much nicer however the violin part is harder to play.  A Major would be great in your Ward if you have a pianist who loves A Major (unlike my husband!).

Please let me know what you think.

Praise to the Man – Organ, Violin and Primary Choir A Flat Major

My husband will be accompanying our Primary Children for their Childrens Sacrament Meeting Presentation because our ‘usual’ one is being a chicken and is running away! (Well he’s actually going on a family trip but I told him he was chickening out ;D )

It meant I got to have a little fun and arrange Praise to the Man according to those lovely angelic voices in my head.  Let me tell you, that Sibelius doesn’t even compare to those voices!!

I have written ‘piano’ on the score, but if you have an organ available, I recommend that.  It would be a bit flat at the end without the organ holding those notes on with the violin playing.  It kind of gives it that bagpipe-ish feel that this arrangement seems to need.

It’s in A Flat Major because apparently Darling Hubby doesn’t like A Major.  Strange fellow, isn’t he!  I will do my best to transpose it up and post it without damaging my files.  My computer doesn’t like me at the moment!

Here is the score:- Praise To The Man Score

Violin part: Praise To The Man – Violin – 2011-09-11 1641

Piano/Organ part just on its own: Praise To The Man – Organ

2011 Presentation Song Revision UNO Style

I have been reading a few other Primary Music Leader blogs (this one and this one) and they mention using the Uno game to revise tricky verses to songs.  It seems that it justs keeps getting added to and I loved the concept so much, so here is my addition:-


Here’s how it works:-

  •  You choose one verse of a song that you need to revise.  Divide that verse up into four sections, and print each of those sections out on 4 different colours of paper (or use the coloured paper as a background).  You’ll have one part of the verse red, one part yellow, one part blue and one part blue.  Stick those up on the wall.
  • Divide your Primary up into teams (either rows or classes).  Give each team 7 cards each (rig them if you must, so each team gets a couple of action cards as well).
  • Now here’s where it differs a little from the normal game of Uno: the aim is not to match up the colours of the cards.  It doesn’t matter which card the children put down, so long as their team doesn’t put down two action cards in a row. 
  • There are ‘action’ Uno cards (that are fairly self explanatory – ‘Draw Two’, ‘Draw 4′, ‘Skip’, ‘Reverse’ and ‘Wild’).
  • Wild cards need a little explanation.  The children can choose to sing…standing on one leg, holding their nose, with their hands in the air, with their eyes closed etc.  You may have ones in your stash of Primary goodies that you can use in this instance (or there are some here: .
  • There are also plain coloured cards.  If a red card is put down, everyone has to sing the part of the verse on the red paper. If a yellow card is turned over, everyone has to sing the part of the verse on the yellow paper etc.
  • You can choose who gets to start, or do a ‘demonstration’ round by putting the first one down.

Note: I have included backs for the cards as well (the last page of the pdf).

Singing Time 5th Sunday in July

Our Primary President was released on Sunday as she is moving out of the Ward Boundaries.  We were very sad to see her go, but excited to meet the new President as well.

Our new Presidency has been working hard at working on the Children’s Sacrament Presentation, and emailed me a copy last night.  Now I just have to make sure the songs are up to where they need to be for our ‘performance’.

Because this Sunday will be the fifth Sunday of the month and I don’t have to stick with a topic, I am going to introduce my ‘Singing Stars’.

I found this Singing Stars/Celestial Singing chart on the 2006 Singing Fun CD.  I have typed the words of the songs we are singing on the stars.  The children are going to pick stars out of a bag, we will sing it and I will put the star where it needs to go.  We can use this chart over and over until all the stars are up at the top.

I have one of the Sunbeams asking for the Scarecrows or rather, the crows each week, so I think they will have to make a few more appearances this year too.  They were rather cute!

I can’t put the Celestial Singing chart up because it was purchased, but I can put the stars I used on this site.  You can find them here: Singing Stars with 2011 songs

I Love To See The Temple – Primary Singing Time Ideas

Our song for the month is ‘I Love to See The Temple’.  I’m sure most of my Senior Primary children know it, and perhaps 1/4 of my Junior Primary Children know it.  There is still some work to be done.

I’m going to play four corners with my primary children.  This is how it works and what you need:-


I have used this flip chart because of the layout.  I need each verse of the song divided up into 4 sections.  Use this flip chart or one of your preference.

  1. Put the four sections of the first verse (or second if you are reviewing that verse) up – one on each of the four corners of the room.
  2. To avoid confusion with your pianist, print out a copy of the music (found here: I Love To See The Temple Sheet Music ) and number each section “1”, “2”, “3” and “4” so “I love to see the Temple, I’m going there someday” will be section 1, “To feel the Holy Spirit, to listen and to pray” will be section 2 etc.
  3. If you don’t want to the put the words up, just type and print giant “1, 2, 3, 4″ numbers on paper and blue tac those to the walls.  I did this as well as the words and it worked beautifully.
  4. I have each class (with the help of their teachers) choose a corner to stand in.
  5. I roll a die (with 5 and 6 blacked out).  The class in that corner have to sing the song up to and including that part of the song.


1. Have only the teachers move around the room and choose a corner. Roll the die and the teacher/s standing in that corner are affected; all the Primary children, or the children of that teacher’s class (your choice) need to sing the song up to and including the corner that teacher has chosen to stand in.  If the children sing it wrong, the teacher(s) in that corner is eliminated.

2. Have the children move to the corners with their class but each corner has to sing ‘their’  words up until the corner that you rolled on the die.

*Post edit* I had the children of the teacher that was ‘chosen’ come up the front to ‘save their teacher’.  I haven’t heard our Jnr Primary sing so beautifully.  They all really wanted their teacher to stay in the game, and the teachers joined in the fun by saying “Save me class”.  There was no calling out, it was still done reverently yet everyone was engaged at the same time.  Definitely one to play again.  Oh, and we didn’t have time to ‘Build a Temple’.  I’ll do that next week when we learn verse 2.


I am also going to have the children come and sit down again if we have time, and we are going to build a temple class by class.  The children will need to sing a section of the song (with their class up the front), and if they are correct they get to put up a piece of the temple puzzle, found here: (WOW July 2011?  That hasn’t even arrived on my shores yet!)  I have cut out and laminated the temple puzzle pieces.  They are not numbered, so the children can pick and choose whichever part they want.  The big hint is that the darker grey goes on the bottom!

If we don’t get to this one, that’s okay.  We can do it the following week.

Anyways, those are my two ideas for tomorrow.  If my Senior Primary don’t need to do as much revision, I will pull out one of my ‘emergency’ singing times that I have prepared just for such an occasion.

Praise to the Man actions and signs for Primary

Next Sunday I’m going to have the Primary children listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing this gorgeous hymn whilst we sing along, do some actions and hold up signs.  Sounds confusing, doesn’t it.

The Mormon Tabernacle sings Praise to the Man on their CD aptly named ‘Praise To The Man’.  The same song can be found here:

We are going to sing the first verse together.

The men in the MTChoir sing the second verse but as Primary don’t need to learn that just yet (helpful if they could though as it will be a congregational hymn), I am going to have them conduct it along with me.

Then we’re all singing the chorus, the third verse and the following chorus.

Then the fun begins.  We get to tap our (with both hands flat on our laps – me sitting down of course) the fantastic drum part for verse Four and the following chorus.

This version has a coda at the end where the choir sings Verse 4 again, so we’re going to conduct as well.

Clear as mud?  Simpler instructions are found here, as well as signs I’m going to ask children to hold up when they hear certain words.  You can choose how many copies of the words/signs you wish to print up.  Perhaps two or three copies so all the children get to hold up something each: Praise to the Man actions and signs

I am also going to go through the meanings of the tricky words we’re singing.  If you want a copy of that, click here: Praise to the Man definitions  I have written the ‘official’ definition of ‘dispensation’ in small writing, but it isn’t really necessary for the younger children.  We’re going to play match up really quickly.

Revision of 3rd verse ‘If I Listen With My Heart’

My Ward Primary have been having difficulty remembering the 3rd verse of this song.  We haven’t, after all, been learning it for very long.

They have been a bit restless because of school holidays here as well, so I thought I would revise the third verse AND get them active all at the same time.

We’re going to play 4 corners.  Here’s what you need:-

  1. You might already have the verses in a flip chart, so use only the 3rd verse from that and stick one ‘paragraph/section’ up in each of the 4 corners of your room.  If you don’t have the third verse to a flip chart yet, click here: Sugar Doodle flip chart or here if you don’t want to use too much colour ink: Scribd flip chart (change ‘when’ I listen with my heart to “if” I listen with my heart).
  2. Print out small cards for the Pianist (found here: 3rd verse If I Listen with my heart).
  3. Teachers (if doing this for Jnr Primary) who will help their classes and make a big deal of choosing a corner). Snrs can manage this game by themselves

How to play:-

  1. Everyone needs to choose a corner quickly and remain in that corner.
  2. The Primary Pianist will shuffle their cards, pick one, match it up to their music and play that section.
  3. The group who is standing in that matching corner is in the ‘hot spot’.  For the Jnrs, they must sing the words in their corner perfectly (with their eyes closed?) in order to keep playing.  You can choose to either let that one group sing it, or the entire Jnr Primary.  Snrs need to sing the whole 3rd verse up to that part.  Again, you can decide whether to let only the group in that corner sing, or the entire Primary.
  4. We start again – choose a different corner, or remain in the same.

I’m also going to do some fun action songs, but this will be our quick revision this coming Sunday :D