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Search, Ponder and Pray arrangement for Solo Voice with Violin and Piano

A few months ago when I was thinking of the songs I wanted my Primary to sing for the Presentation this year, I had 12 songs that I definitely wanted them to do that tied in with the monthly themes.  However, I also wanted to do Search, Ponder and Pray – because to me, that sums up the yearly theme nicely.


To cut a long story short, and with my beautiful Primary President giving me complete freedom to whatever I feel is best for our Primary, I thought a solo would be perfect for this song.


I heard one version on You Tube that I loved, but there wasn’t any sheet music (I only listened to it once, that’s all I had time to do).  So with that version as my inspiration, I wrote my own arrangement.

Here it is:

Search Ponder and Pray (complete score)

Search Ponder and Pray Violin (violin part)


We performed it this week at Leadership training, and we received many positive comments and requests for the music.


On a side note, I added in the words to the Primary theme for this year’s Presentation “I know the scriptures are true” at the very end.  If you aren’t comfortable with changing words to songs, just repeat the words “I’ll know the scriptures are true” because that simply repeats the phrase and doesn’t add in anything new.

Need simplified primary songs?

I have come across two great sites with kind people who have simplified Primary songs, free to download.  I know it must have taken them hours and hours to do.


There is D’Net Layton’s site here.  She has made the songs very simple, included colour pictures from the Primary Songbook and has some pre-reading songs too (notes with finger numbers, not on the stave).

There is also Michael and Heather Smuthwaite who have kept the songs in their original key from the Children’s Songbook, added fingering and have a feature where you can listen to the song as well.  Their site is here.  They also have some simplified hymns and choir arrangements.

I don’t have a primary pianist called as yet, but I have someone fill in for me (except the one Sunday she teaches RS.  She’d much rather be in Primary!).  I have a student of mine in Snr Primary play simplified Primary Songs while Snr Primary is walking in to Opening Exercises, and our Jnr Primary is making their way back from having a drink and/or going to the toilet.  We sing along with my student, which get the attention of the children.  It’s a great confidence booster for her. It also gives our Presidency the opportunity to check that the children giving the talk, scripture and prayer are present on the day.



Baptism/When I am Baptised Medley

Another Fireside favourite!

I arranged this for my daughter and one of the gorgeous YW in my ward to sing at the Fireside last year mentioned in a post below.  It is a simple but effective combination of the two songs, keeping the lilting 6/8 time signature so they flow together.

It would be perfectly suitable as a musical item for Baptisms, as well as Sacrament Meeting!

Here’s my arrangement of Baptism and When I am Baptised:-

Baptism When I Am Baptised Medley

Lord, Make me an Instrument of Thy Peace

Last year, I was asked to find an arrangement of St Francis of Assisi’s “Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace” for a fireside.  There are some lovely versions out there, but the requirements were that it needed to be a male vocal solo, and it had to be suitable for a Fireside.  That meant that I couldn’t use any choral versions, and the more ‘modern’ arrangement sung by Olivia Newtown John was out of the question.  Because I couldn’t find one, I had to arrange one myself.

Although not the intended target (I wrote it for someone in particular, who sang it beautifully at the Fireside), it has become one of my husband’s favourites to sing.

Here is my arrangement of “Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace for Male tenor, violin and piano: Lord Make me an Instrument of Thy Peace

A Simple Mother’s Day Song: “Dearest Mother, I Love You” for violin, piano and child’s voice

I volunteered my little family to do an item for Mother’s Day this coming Sunday.  (What was I thinking?)  I whipped up a simple arrangement of ‘Dearest Mother, I Love You’ found in the Children’s Songbook.  It’s simple, but you don’t want a complicated accompaniment or descant or you’ll have a very confused child singing.

Here’s my arrangement: Dearest Mother I Love You

The violin part is also suitable for a flute.

I Love to See the Temple – Violin Descant

I must have written this part out a few years ago, but didn’t put it up on a website.  I was just thinking about what I should do with this song for the Primary Presentation when I realised I had this descant in my head, and I had already written it.

A search on the computer found a version that hadn’t been updated into my new version of Sibelius, so a quick conversion, a resize, and here it is!

The accompaniment is the same as what is in the Children’s Song Book.  This is just a violin part that has the melody first, then plays the descant for the second verse.  It does go into third position.

I Love To See The Temple violin solo

Praise to the Man A Major Violin, Organ and Children’s Primary Choir

Computer decided it likes me today.  Yay!

Here are the parts for one of this year’s Presentation Songs: Praise to the Man in A Major.

Violin part: Praise to the Man A Major Violin Part

Organ part: Praise to the Man A Major Organ Part

Score: Praise to the Man A Major Score

I transposed it because those top notes were getting a bit screechy in C Major.  G Major was nice and easy, but only just too low for my Primary children to sing.  A Flat major is only a semitone higher, but sounds much nicer however the violin part is harder to play.  A Major would be great in your Ward if you have a pianist who loves A Major (unlike my husband!).

Please let me know what you think.

Praise to the Man – Organ, Violin and Primary Choir A Flat Major

My husband will be accompanying our Primary Children for their Childrens Sacrament Meeting Presentation because our ‘usual’ one is being a chicken and is running away! (Well he’s actually going on a family trip but I told him he was chickening out ;D )

It meant I got to have a little fun and arrange Praise to the Man according to those lovely angelic voices in my head.  Let me tell you, that Sibelius doesn’t even compare to those voices!!

I have written ‘piano’ on the score, but if you have an organ available, I recommend that.  It would be a bit flat at the end without the organ holding those notes on with the violin playing.  It kind of gives it that bagpipe-ish feel that this arrangement seems to need.

It’s in A Flat Major because apparently Darling Hubby doesn’t like A Major.  Strange fellow, isn’t he!  I will do my best to transpose it up and post it without damaging my files.  My computer doesn’t like me at the moment!

Here is the score:- Praise To The Man Score

Violin part: Praise To The Man – Violin – 2011-09-11 1641

Piano/Organ part just on its own: Praise To The Man – Organ

Joseph Smith’s First Prayer easy violin

A young Deacon I teach was asked to play this song at the Aaronic Priesthood commemoration in the Temple grounds one cold and frosty morning – hence no accompaniment.  The poor boy was so terrified, but I was told he did so well, he ended up playing it again with me doing an ‘alto’ part (which is in my head and not notated) in Sacrament Meeting. It was very well received by those listening.

I did laminate a copy of this for him once I had printed it out, because you know how boys are with their music ;)

Joseph Smith’s First Prayer easy violin

For a copy of the easy violin part, click here: Joseph Smith’s First Prayer easy violin

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