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Valentine’s Day Songs with coloured hearts

Valentines-Day-Singing-Hearts-page-3-demoNeeding a fun but simple activity tomorrow for Valentines Day, I decided to print up some coloured hearts and attach songs.


Coloured hearts…because they don’t all have to be red!


How to: Choose a child (or a teacher) to choose a heart, and then sing that song.


I have included blank hearts if you’d like to use them as backs, or to write your own songs on them.

Here they are: Valentines Day Singing Hearts


Variation: Have the child or teacher who chose the heart eat a block of chocolate with a plastic knife and fork.  Then quickly have someone else come up and choose the next heart, then they swap with the person eating the chocolate (new knife and fork of course).  You’ll have everyone’s attention!


Edited to add: I did the chocolate with my Snr Primary today.  I had more children than I thought, and had taken extra blocks of chocolate and enough plastic knives and forks to cater for that, so all was good.  I had 2 or 3 children come up at a time so everyone was able to have a turn.  Worked beautifully!


Father’s Day Singing Time

I have recently been taking happy snaps of some menfolk in our Ward, namely our male Primary Teachers and members of our Bishopric.

I kindly asked them (in an official sounding voice) to “Please turn around Sir, and put your hands on the wall”.  Then after their amused but bewildered looks, explained that I needed their hands for Primary.  Photos of their hands.  And I needed to know their favourite Primary song.

So here’s what I got:-


Six of them in total.  Here’s how you play:-

  • I cut these pages in half and because I am laminator crazed, I will laminate then; the picture as the front and the song information as the back.
  • Tac the pictures to the wall/board/wherever you like.
  • The children have to guess whose hands are in the picture.  Give them clues if you want to.  Invite the teachers to guess as well.  The more the merrier!
  • Sneak a peak under the picture to check if they have the correct person and to stir the kids up a little.  When they get it right, turn it over to reveal the song.
  • Sing away!