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When I Do What’s Right I Feel Good Flip chart

I found a catchy song on the LDS Church website called ‘When I Do What’s Right I Feel Good’ by Margie Lindsay found here:


I made up a flip chart to go with it.  My Snr Primary LOVES the song, and I’m sure it’s one we can sing as long as I am Primary Music Leader :-)

Here is my flip chart: When I do whats right I feel good flipchart pdf

Hum Your Favorite / Favourite Hymn Flip Chart

I want to use this song  in Opening Exercises on the last Sunday in August, but I really needed a flip chart.  Couldn’t find one no matter hard I looked, so I resolved myself to the fact that I was just going to have to figure out how to create one all on my own.  So I did!  It’s not brilliant, but it will do the job.

So until someone does a better one ;D here’s the Australian version: Hum Your Favourite Hymn Flip Chart Aussie Spelling

…and just because I could, I did one with American spelling as well: Hum Your Favourite Hymn Flip Chart US Spelling

Happy singing!