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Need simplified primary songs?

I have come across two great sites with kind people who have simplified Primary songs, free to download.  I know it must have taken them hours and hours to do.


There is D’Net Layton’s site here.  She has made the songs very simple, included colour pictures from the Primary Songbook and has some pre-reading songs too (notes with finger numbers, not on the stave).

There is also Michael and Heather Smuthwaite who have kept the songs in their original key from the Children’s Songbook, added fingering and have a feature where you can listen to the song as well.  Their site is here.  They also have some simplified hymns and choir arrangements.

I don’t have a primary pianist called as yet, but I have someone fill in for me (except the one Sunday she teaches RS.  She’d much rather be in Primary!).  I have a student of mine in Snr Primary play simplified Primary Songs while Snr Primary is walking in to Opening Exercises, and our Jnr Primary is making their way back from having a drink and/or going to the toilet.  We sing along with my student, which get the attention of the children.  It’s a great confidence booster for her. It also gives our Presidency the opportunity to check that the children giving the talk, scripture and prayer are present on the day.



Articles of Faith Posters for Primary, FIG, Home or Anything Churchy

I was looking up some Articles of Faith posters (because there are lots of clever people out there) for a Primary activity I have coming up.  I’m doing an Article of Faith/Easter Egg Hunt and thought that having the children recite the Articles of Faith as part of their clues would be great.

I stumbled across a site by Heather called ‘Simply Fresh Designs’, and she has some fantastic looking Article of Faith Posters for free in different sizes.  She only asks that they not be re-sold as she isn’t making any money off these, and doesn’t think other people should either.

Here’s the link to her site and her fabulous posters:

Released :( and a new calling

Sadly I was released, and sustained yesterday as First Counsellor in our Primary.  I could have happily stayed in the Primary Music Leader calling forever, but it was not to be.

Now here’s the funny thing.  My husband was called as the new Primary Music Leader.  All he has to do really, is pull some flip charts and games from the giant storage container we have upstairs with all the ‘stuff’ in it relevant to that calling. The hard work has already been done. (*Mutters* he’s lucky I love him).

I am excited about my new calling though.  I have done it a few times before. The first time with Pre-natal Depression which didn’t go so well, and the second time with a fantastic Primary Presidency, and we worked really well together.  Our new President is absolutely lovely, very organised and…well…we seem to have been separated at birth and get along really well, so it should be lots of fun :D

I reviewed this month’s song with the children again using a flip chart found at Sugardoodle.  We spent about 8mins on that, then did the scarecrow/crows and corn visual that I had used last year. I found it one one of those Singing Time CD’s that you can print off in colour, laminate and cut out, then you’re ready to go.  I can’t remember which CD it was though.

Hehehe our Primary Pianist was telling some ‘corny’ jokes though.  I’m not sure that they were really ‘sweet’, but I certainly got an ‘ear’ full of them ;D (especially when he said the kids sounded a little ‘husky’, and hopefully they wouldn’t ‘pop’) LOL!

I found the ‘All I need to know, I learned in Primary’ poster on this site: and I absolutely adore it!

I’m sure I’ll be able to continue posting some music idea hints due to my husband’s calling.  He has a completely different way of doing things, so there’s bound to be some interesting things going on in our Primary.  A giant lollypop was mentioned yesterday…

Multi-Stake Youth Fireside 24th July 2011 Baulkham Hills

Here are my notes taken from the Youth Fireside I was priviledged to attend last night.  I was accompanying a young lady on the piano as she sang, so I got to stay for the entire event and feast on the words spoken.

Here’s how it ran:-

Prelude: Nikita ‘Worthy to Stand’

Opening Song: #239 Choose the Right

Hilary Weeks – 5 min chat at the piano and then her song ‘Come Take Your Place

Laurel Christensen: Talk

Brad Wilcox: Talk

Hilary Weeks: Interlude – played and sang her song “I Will”

Brad Wilcox: Talk

Piano Duet: Peter and Madeline (Father and Daughter piano duet) Sisters in Zion/Armies of Helaman

Brad Wilcox: Talk:

Closing: President Rigby (brief testimony)

Closing Song: #256 As Zion’s Youth

So I arrived early, and the place was already packed.  They had just started to fill the stage in the basketball court right at the back of the room 1/2 hour before the event even began.  There were A LOT of youth there!

Here are my notes taken of the night.  My hand is still sore from writing them out, but I’m glad I did.  I learned things simply from being there.

Hilary Weeks

“I love to hear you sing.  You sing way better than back home.  Heavenly Father must love to hear you sing.  I wish that there were 12 verses of that song just so I could hear you sing some more”.

She sang ‘Come Take Your Place’.  Here are some snippets from that song:-

Can you hear the angels calling you? Do you recognise your name ?

You carry the light of His Son and running through your veins is royal blood.

You hear the call, you feel the flame.  You’ve been prepared, come take your place. ‘Come Take Your Place’

Laurel Christensen

“I loved hearing you sing too.  You’re a whole room full of an army of God”.

Do you guys have yearbooks?  Do they even make yearbooks these days?  Oh right, it’s called ‘Facebook’.

She asked everyone to close their eyes.  Especially those in the 3rd row.  How can you be in the 3rd row and not close your eyes?  ‘Cause I can see you, you know”.

She asked questions while everyone (but me..I was writing) had their eyes closed:

  • Raise your hand if you had breakfast
  • Raise your hand if you said your prayers this morning
  • Raise your hand if you felt the spirit
  • Raise your hand if are a Young Man or Young Woman with a crush on someone in your Stake.  Quick YW, open your eyes now!
  • Raise your hand if you’re happy in your life
  • Raise your hand if you have trials and are not feeling so happy
  • Raise your hand if you attend morning seminary
  • Raise your hand if you have plans to go on a mission
  • Raise your hand if you are planning to marry in the Temple
  • Raise your hand if you knew your Father in Heaven had a message for you tonight.  Are you ready to hear a mesage?

 Our (the speakers) job is to stay out of the way so the spirit can speak to you.  Shut out the world and focus.  He will talk to you.

She relayed a story she had read in a magazine about a man named ‘Cameron Hughes’.  He really wanted to be a basketball player when he was in High School but he didn’t make the team.  He decided he was going to go along to every match and cheer them on instead, even if they were losing.  After he graduated High School and went to Uni he still cheers for their team.  He would do ‘crazy’ cheering – get really worked up and over the top but his enthusiasm was catching.  Those around him would start cheering too.  To cut a long story short, this guy gets paid $15,000 per night to be a professional cheerer.  He turned a negative into a positive.

When Laurel was attending Seminary, she thought it would be a great idea if they had missionary week.  Here were the rules:-

  • No pop music.  They could only listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  • They could only wear missionary attire.
  • They had to carry a Book of Mormon with them at all times.
  • They couldn’t date (the joke there was that she wasn’t really dating anyway, “Sorry, I can’t date you this week ’cause it’s missionary week”…I’m going to have a week full of dates now…).

She relayed an experience that week with one guy in her Seminary class.  His name was Budge Tungate.  He had just gotten changed into his sports uniform (to do PE) and he had his Book of Mormon with him.  The most popular guy on the football team came up to him and asked him what the book was.  Budge answered “It’s the Book of Mormon”.  The guy asked “And is it true?”  Budge responded “It’s SO true”.  Budge was not ashamed to stand up for the Book of Mormon to the ‘cool’ guy at school.

We are more often going to be along than not.  It gets hard when you are the only one who lives up to your standards.  It doesn’t get easier.  You will still have to walk out of movies when you’re with friends at the age of 30!

You are what you think – you get up, you get on your knees and you ask Heavenly Father to use you that day.

If we picked five of you and asked you the things you seek after, that will tell me everything I need to know about you.  You are believing right now the things you seek after.

Who do you really believe you are?  Are you afraid to stand up for that?  Heavenly Father has a plan and he wants to use you.  Pray even if you’re tired and ask  “Heavenly Father, will you use me today?  I am totally ready”.  I dare you to ask Heavenly Father that you want Him to use you.  But don’t ask if you’re not ready, ’cause he will.  He needs an army!

He needs Young Men who will go on missions.  He needs Young Women who will put their hands up and say “I’m going to the Temple”.

Be willing to be who you are.  Try being a little bit more of who you need to be.

Then Laurel asked us to read Doctrine and Covenants Section 58 verse 3:

Ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the design of your God concerning those things which shall come hereafter, and the glory which shall follow after much tribulation.

Your life will never be the same.

Hilary Weeks

Hilary sang ‘I Will’.  Some of the words I loved were “I will stand, I will not fall in a world that’s weak.  I will be strong.  I will be true, I will choose His way and I know what’s right and I will not change.  In a world where so many will not, I will”.


 Brad Wilcox

Brad Wilcox was hilarious.  Every time he addressed us, he called us “Young people”. or “You young people”

“You are in the right place.  By choosing to be active and strong in the church”.

He shared this story with us:-

He went to New Zealand with his son.  His son realised that there was a place he could do bungee jumping nearby. Their conversation went something like this:-


Yes son?

DAAAAAAAAAD Bungee jumping was invented here!

Uh, that’s great son.

But DAAAAAAAAAAAD, you don’t understand.  Bungee jumping was invented here.

Okay son, that’s great.  I get it.  Bungee jumping was invented here.

DAAAAAAAAAAD!  Bungee jumping was invented here.  I HAVE to do it.  I can’t go back home and tell my friends I didn’t do bungee jumping!  It was INVENTED here!!

I know where the electric chair was invented too, son, but that doesn’t mean you have to mess with it!

His son books in to do bungee jumping.  With bungee jumping there are no air matresses or soft places to fall.  There are rocks and rivers and cliffs and graveyards.  I can’t believe my son wants to do that!

The instructor gets Brad’s son all ready in the harness.  The son squeaks out “Dad, I can’t breeeeeeathe.  It’s too tiiiiiiight!”

NO!  It’s not too tight!!

“Daaaaaaaaad I need to be free.  It is really too tight”.

I wanted him to live.  How stupid is the person who says “I want to be free”.  For how long will you be free before you go splat?  Free, not in spite of the harness, but because of  the harness. 

The son was free to bungee jump again, and again, and again, and purchase the video of him jumping, and watch it again, and watch it back home with his friends, and is still watching it this day.

Young people, we have rules in this church.  We have rules for your ears, for your eyes, for your nose, for your mouth, for your feet, for your hands. We have rules for your tops and for your bottoms.  We have rules!  We have rule books, and books written about the books that have rules.  I know, because I write them!

Do you have friends who know your rules?  Where does that knowledge get them?  What they don’t see are the reasons for the rules.  THAT is what sets us apart.

The Gospel was not a restoration of rules.  God didn’t say to Joseph Smith “Aha Joseph.  You thought there were only TEN commandments.  Well *evil voice here* there are many more! Mwahahahaha”.

He made the youth memorise the reference Alma 12:32

Therefore God gave unto them commandments, after having made known unto them the plan of redemption, that they should not o evil, the penalty thereof being a second death, which was an everlasting death as to things pertaining unto righteousness; for on such the plan of redemption could have no power, for the works of justice could not be destroyed, according to the supreme goodness of God.

Take your eyes off the rules and put them on the plan of redemption.  They are not binding you down, they are freeing you.

And on that note, he introduced a Father/Daughter piano duet: Peter and Madeline performed a Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman

And continued right where he left off.

“Young people.  We are in the middle of the ocean, in a life boat, and all the teenagers want to go back to the Titanic.  It’s sinking.  “Yeah, but they’re playing music”. Uh yeah…they’re playing ‘Nearer my God to Thee’.  Young people, why would you want to leave the lifeboat?

But, I’d like…love to run over to the Titanic for just one day.  Just one.  Then just run back again.  Yeah…cause you can run across the ocean and all that water…you’re in a lifeboard peoples.

I had a teenager say to me “I wish I wasn’t a Mormon for just one day”.  What?  So I asked him “Well what would you do?”  “Oh, I would smoke, and drink and have sex”.  *Say with mocking mopey accent* What a bad church for keeping you from smoking and drinking and being immoral.

You are not being kept from freedom.  It is being given to you on a silver platter.

Turn it around.  Do not think “I wish I could do that”.  Those smoking are the ones on the sinking ship.  You are the ones better off not in spite of your standards,  but because of them.

I have to tell you, those that are smoking are smoking to try and make themselves feel good.  They smoke so they can feel like you.  All you have to do to be happy is to have a memory.  Perhaps it’s at a dance…where they actually danced.  Or a Fireside…and you think of refreshments.  Or a fireside…where you closed your eyes… (references to Laurel talking about “if you like someone from your Stake, put your hand up…YW open your eyes now”).

Those who drink have no memory of being happy.  Those who drink are never talking about the last party.  They are always talking about the next one.

(Okay, at this point I can see Brad take out two shot glasses from his bag, and he fills both up halfway with water, but because I was so busy writing down what he was saying, I didn’t get to see what he actually did with those two glasses, if anyone can fill me in…that would be great.  I think he was drinking from one?)

Holds up the two glasses.  Here is you, and here is your friend.

Your friend says “Don’t look at porn.  Why are they always talking about that?  It’s only freedom of the Press.  It’s just like looking at an art museum”.

You say “I can’t, ’cause I’m a Mor-mon” (you have to say the Mormon bit in a depressed sing-song voice).

Your friend says “You’re not going to leave that on, are you? (referencing to a top you may have on).  Just wear the leggings.  Cause leggings, they cover…some of…you, don’t they?  Don’t dress modestly, ’cause that would look wierd.

You say “I can’t, ’cause I’m a Mor-mon”.

Your friend says “Masterbation is okay.  You shouldn’t be made to feel bad.  It’s in the health books so it must be healthy right?

You say “I can’t, ’cause I’m a Mor-mon”.

Someone else says “Call this girl.  She will do anything.  I mean…anything”.  Your friend asks “What’s her number?” 

You say “I can’t, ’cause I’m a Mor-mon”.

So the two of you get to your wedding day.  You are both dressed in tuxedos.  You both look kind of the same on the outside… very nice, all dressed up.  You might look the same as your friend on the outside, but your friend has nothing left to give.  All he can do is take.  He has taught his mind to be selfish.  He has a “Get” and “Take” mentality.

That marriage will not last.  He will find himself maybe getting married a second time, and then a third and then he’ll be middle-aged and cannot have sex unless he pays for it.

Because you live the standards or if you mess up, you can go to your Bishop and repent, you show up to your marriage with something to give.  On that foundation the more you give, the more your receive.  You will be caught in a healthy cycle in your marriage.

If that friend is so happy with what he gets, why are they always looking?  Why isn’t he satisfied?  You look at any happy married couple in the church.  They are not searching.

Don’ be convinced that the world knows a secret that you don’t because you’re living in a Mormon bubble.  You go to the store, and there’s a magazine that has on the cover “Top 10 tips for great sex”.  Yeah, ’cause you’re thinking “I know 9 of them, but what’s number 10?”  I am going to write an article and have it published in one of those magazines.  And all it’s going to say is “The Law of Chastity”.

Heavenly Father is not keeping you from anything.  He is giving it to you.

Don’t leave the lifeboat to go back to a sinking ship.

The church is giving you what the world is missing.  It is hard being on a sinking ship.

We then all recited the Thirteenth Article of Faith.

We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul- We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure al things.  If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

…and we get them.  And everyone else (in the world) misses it.

Stay put. Stay strong.  Be proud of who you are.  Don’t be afraid to stand up to a sinking ship and stay in the lifeboat.

President Rigby gave a brief summary and bore his testimony.

We all sang #256 As Zion’s Youth with great enthusiasm.

Now, Hilary Weeks ended up sitting in the corner stage right – squished right up in that corner.  Next to her husband. When this Fireside finished, half an hour I looked over in her direction and she had only managed to move about three steps.  Poor Hilary!

Time Out For Women – Sydney 2011

I had the opportunity to attend the Sydney event of Time Out For Women yesterday.  There were over 2,000 women there, and it was AWESOME!

I did have a massive migraine the entire day, but I didn’t let that spoil the event for me. 

The them was ‘Choose to Become’.  “All things are possible to him (she)  that believeth”, Discover Your Possibilities’.

“Choose to become a little closer to the woman you are meant to be”.  I really should have chosen to take more photos on the day but my head was hurting so much it was all I could to absorb what the speakers were saying.  And they were GOOD!

Here’s Hilary Weeks’ invitation to Time Our For Women 2011:

  This gives you a little idea of just how many women were there.  You can see maybe half of them in this picture.  We were halfway up the rather high scaffolding of chairs (those stairs were never ending, I tell you!).  It stretched all the way over to the other side of the room (and you can’t see that in this picture either).

First up was Laurel Christensen who welcomed us and thought no-one was listening to her “How can you Australians talk and listen at the same time?  They can’t do both back home”.  We giggled at her naming of our States “Southern Australia?  Who is from there?  Whaaaat?  Oh, how do you say that?  Oops, sorry!  South Australia!  So do you guys have a Northern Australia?  Oh that’s the Northern Territory? Okay”.

She explained the rules of the day.  No videos (bummer!), don’t go into toilets labelled “Men” however most of the official Men’s toilets had been converted for the day but there were still some males around the place who needed a little privacy.  There was a mother’s lounge “but we want you to feel comfortable where you are however if your baby is fussing, the lounge has video and audio so you won’t miss out on anything”.

Then we got to meet Hilary Weeks.  Yay!

I can’t for the life of me remember what she sang. I’m sure it will come to me at some point, but I know I loved it (I think it was this one: ).  Check out her red boots.  Aren’t they amazing!

Turn the other way, Hilary, so we can see those cool boots from a different angle:


Hilary introduced all the presenters of the day.  Up they came to the stage area and spoke to us for about 5 mins each.

They were (apart from Hilary Weeks):-

  • Virginia Pearce
  • Brad Wilcox
  • Sheri Dew
  • Laurel Christensen

Here’s Brad Wilcox.  Love his teenager impersonations!

And here’s Laurel.  Sorry it’s a bit blurry Laurel, but you were SO far away!

And Sheri Dew with Virginia Pearce (and others) in the background.  They look a little nervous, don’t they!  (There were a LOT of us!!! – and they weren’t expecting me to be photographing them right at that moment)

I was listening and absorbing but I managed to jot a couple of notes down.

Virginia said she does not keep a journal.  She will end up having a dreadful night before Judgement day, because she will be up all night trying to remember what she did in her life. Can we do her a favour, and write down her name in our journals with big capital letters so that when Judgement evening comes, she can just type her name in, and all these entries from every one else’s journals will come up!

Laurel said that she does keep a journal.  About five of them in fact.  She has a secret one that no-one is allowed to see – a ‘juicy’ one separate from the other ‘normal’ journals.

  Sheri said “Women having righteous influence is a spiritual gift”…and a whole heap of other things but I was too busy listening to jot down more of what she said in those 5 mins.

Then Laurel got to have her ‘official’ turn of speaking to us.  She was great.  She admitted that she was trying to lose a little *whispers* weight.  Poor Laurel.  Not even the microphone liked that word and decided to totally wig out on her.  She shared an experience she had earlier this year at the gym where she had to make friends with a treadmill.  The deal was 5 mins warm up then 5 mins as hard as you could go.  Then 5 mins recovery.  4 mins as hard as you could go, then 4 mins recovery, 3 mins as hard etc.  She thought she was going to die at every 2.5 min mark into each ‘hard as you can go’ session.  I think I would have died personally (yay for asthma!!)  Each time she wanted to give up, her trainer stood right in front of her and said “Don’t be the one thing standing in your way”.   And “Heavenly Father does not restrict things in our life.  We do”.  She also quoted Sheri Dew “Where you are right now is no surprise to God”.

She told us three things she learned:-

  1. Pray with faith.
  2. Think with faith
  3. Live with faith.

On the subject of prayer: “Your Father in Heaven wants to give you bread when you ask for bread”. She quoted D&C (9: 7-8) “Behold, you have not understood: you have supposed that I would give it unto you, when you took no thought save it was to ask me.  But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you: therefore, you shall feel that it is right”.

She asked if anyone had the quote hanging up in their home “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”.  She said she didn’t really like that one any more because where you are today is because of all the days prior to that.  “Today is one more day in a really important journey”.

She quoted Elder Holland in his conference talk in 1999 “Beware the temptation to retreat from a good thing.  Don’t give in”.

She finished with “Face your doubts.  Stay the course and see the beauty of life unfold before you”.  We got to have a break for 25 mins (a little longer than what was on the program, oops!) then we heard from Hilary again. 

Here is Hilary with photos of her family on holidays with the washing machine (which is in the ocean).

Hilary Weeks asked us if we had pets, and if we named them.  (Yup!)  Do you name your car? (nope). How about your washing machine (Huh?).  She launched into her rendition of ‘Climb Every Mountain (of laundry).

Climb every mountain. Wash every load. If you’re alive and breathing, then there are clothes to fold. Sort whites and colours. Wash some on hot. Oh my whites are pink now because of of one red sock

She also said on the subject of children “I will know this child for all of eternity as an adult, but it is for only a short time that I will know each of them as a child. What a PRIVILEGE it is to know them as a child”.  They are only children for a short time.  She performed a brand new song which will be on her 7th album.  I think it is called “Time to Stand Still”.

Next was Virginia Pearce.

Now I’m not sure why, but I think I was too mesmorised by Virgina’s talk, that I didn’t take many notes down.  I did get a photo of her though!

She did quote Sis Julie Beck “We are owed nothing, but we owe Him everything”.

Lunch Break Time!  We could smell lovely lunchy smells wafting through the auditorium and my tummy was beginning to rumble.  My little group had forgotten to get tickets to do the Possibility Packs but we had donated goods so we didn’t feel bad about that.  Something like 423 Possibility Packs were put together and handed over.  Hooray!  They were going to a Women’s Shelter to help women who have escaped from domestic abuse.

We headed to the sandwich and wrap stand (in the same place as the Deseret Book Store).  I was good to my credit card and decided not to purchase any books yesterday.  I am making sure I have enough for the Family Portraits we had taken a few weeks ago.  I can order some from Deseret Books after that :D

After lunch we got to hear from Hilary Weeks again, followed by Brad Wilcox.

I jotted down a few pearls of wisdom from Brad’s talk. 

He mentioned a Temple Recommend interview he had with a lady.  He had asked her the questions, and they were all ‘correct’ (he told us the correct answers too, just in case anyone needed to know).  He got to the final question “Do you consider yourself worthy to enter the Temple” and she said a resounding “NO!”.  “But, you answered all the questions…”

She explained that she did not feel herself worthy to go on her own, “But with Jesus, WE’RE WORTHY!”

He quoted a passage of scripture “After all that we can do”.  He delved into it.  He quoted (someone else…note sure) who posed it as a question instead “After all, what can we do?”  What happens if we emphasise words?  AFTER all that we can do? (meaning that we cannot possibly do any more?), After ALL that we can do (similar, just how much is that anyway?).  Turns out it is “After all that WE can do” (ourselves and the Saviour teamed together).  We cannot be saved without the Saviour’s Grace. 

He said Satan whispers “If you are not perfect, you are failing”.

“We are not human doings, we are human beings”.  Perhaps one day the Primary Song “I am a Child of God” will be changed to “Teach me all that I must BE, to live with Him someday”.

On the subject of choosing righteousness and choosing to follow the Gospel and the impact that will have on our ‘judgement’ day, “No unchanged thing will want to live in Heaven.  The unrepentant sinner will be saying “get me out of here”.  The repentant will feel at home there”.

“Have you been changed by Grace?  Jesus doesn’t make up the different.  He makes ALL the difference”.

“The Saviour paid our WHOLE debt, not most of it.  How long do we want to stay in Heavenly Father’s presence?  What kind of body do we want?” (it depends on our righteousness, our attitude, our worthiness, our actions).

“I see what you can become.  Do you?”

On the subject of Mormonism: “We’re not earning Heaven.  We’re ‘learning’ Heaven and practising along the way.  

“How do we get to Heaven?  Hand in hand with the Lord.  Through His grace and His mercy and His sacrifice.  After all that WE can do”.

What a spiritual feast that was!

Quick 10 minute break (because we were naughty and took out time with the other breaks – oops.  They said they had called our husbands and imaginary hubbys for those who didn’t have one, and all those hubbys said we all had to be home on time, so TOFW wasn’t allowed to go over time. ;D

Sheri Dew was up next.  She was awesome too!

‘Satan is aware that if he can get hold of a woman, he can get her family”.

She told the story of a  young mother whose husband was a brand new Stake President.  They had an official function to attend with some dignitaries.  This mother found herself seated next to an older man who had completed many degrees at University.  At some point during the dinner he asked her “So what do you do?”  She explained that she was the mother of three children.  “Oh” he said, then turned to converse with the person next to him, ignoring her for the rest of the night.  To him, what she did didn’t seem very important. Sheri said “Next time tell him “I’m shepherding 3 children along the path of exaltation. How about you?” and see what he says about that.

“You are not good enough is a devilish LIE.  If we allow ourselves to be influenced by the world, that’s a problem.  Don’t give in to the illusion” (of the world).

“When we enter the Temple, we leave the world of make believe”.  “The gulf between the world and Heaven is getting wider.  Which side of the gulf are we going to be on?  The Lord’s side or the worlds?”

She quoted George Q Cannon “Heavenly Father reserved righteous women he could count on when things got ‘interesting’.”

She went through a whole heap of scriptures that mentioned them “living in a tent”.  Nephi dwelt in a tent, Ether didn’t even had a tent, he dwelt in a cave.  Moroni didn’t have anywhere at all to live – he was being hunted down by the Lamanites.  The point is that the Book of Mormon is for us.  They (those in the scriptures) weren’t living in ideal circumstances.  There are things swirling around us today that are not ideal circumstances.  We’re going to have challenges in this life.  Everyone has heartache and that is life.  Turn to the Lord and not away from Him”.

And then Hilary sang for us again:-

“He Hears Me” (don’t read the comments below this U-tube posting.  It’s not worth it – I ignored them too).

And then we had to get up and leave.  I think that was the hardest thing to do.